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ASIC management, monitoring, and optimization system.

ASICseer is running on 64,555 ASICs (59.7 megawatts).

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Advanced Options

Do not alter advanced options unless instructed by support. If using any advanced option, click the 'Regenerate Downloads' button.

keep webuipassif checked: keeps your current webUI password · if unchecked: your ASICseer webUI login will be changed to: root / 2wadMjU   forceif checked: removes identical version check | useful for reinstalling   stockif checked: flashes to stock firmware | useful for reverting foreign firmwares   rescueif checked: flashes S9 from Bitmain© "SD Tools" if used with: stock saveconf continue; flashes hashboards with default settings   saveconfif checked: saves existing pool/config/network settings | useful to retain pool settings (used with the stock option)   continueif checked: continues ASICseer re/installation after flashing to stock | useful for reinstalling asicseer (used with the stock option)   t9plusif checked: forces FPGA code to be for T9+  

Download Generator

  Remote Config File
Follow the Quick Start Guide (with ConfigMaker). Don't need ConfigMaker? Change the line above to your own config host and regenerate.

Before Installation

Save your secret Remote Config File editor link: https://configmaker.ru/?hash=734e63b9851b5d3e

Save your new ASICseer webUI login. After ASICseer installation, it will be changed to: root / 2wadMjU

· Simple and Easy Installation

NOTE: You can also use software like "BTC Tools" to install .tar.gz files.


· Micro SD Card Installation


· Powerful and Advanced Installation

Use Ubuntu WSL for Windows or an x86_64 linux box local to your ASIC network:
curl -k -s https://install.asicseer.com/netdeploy/a/https://configmaker.ru/my/UnsungAcidicVibrantFinch.txt | sh

SSH to your ASIC (user is root, pass is admin) and run on the ASIC itself:
curl -k -s https://install.asicseer.com/deploy/a/https://configmaker.ru/my/UnsungAcidicVibrantFinch.txt | ash

· Robust Installation Tools

For robust ASICseer installation tools, restoring SSH, and removal of foreign firmwares, use the asicseer_installer tool.


asicseer binary verification hashes last collected on June 05 2020 05:51:11 UTC

CDN      6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-sea  6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-pl   6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-chi  6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-ny   6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-dc   6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-den  6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-dal  6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-atl  6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-mia  6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-yvr  6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-tor  6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-mtr  6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-de   6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-nl   6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-ro   6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-jp   6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-hkn  unreachable
cdn-sgn  unreachable
cdn-kz   6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3
cdn-ru   6330a961d07288a041c4ec58a0a4c796f04592e703fed800988b338249e069e3

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