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ASIC management, monitoring, and optimization system.

ASICseer is running on 12,884 ASICs and producing 15.2 megawatts of blockchain security.

Security and Restoring SSH

ASICseer takes security seriously and hopes to achieve the Bitmain© vision for true operational security. Bitmain© recently released SSH-disabling security firmwares. Our company applauds Bitmain© for taking into account aftermarket security concerns and for protecting their customers.

To restore SSH after installing these firmwares and to prevent unauthorized logins, follow the below procedure.

For May 2019 Firmware

You need to downgrade to March Firmware.

  1. Download Antminer_S9_all_201903041137_autofreq.gz
  2. Optional: Run sha256sum Antminer_S9_all_201903041137_autofreq.gz to verify it against the below sha256sum hash.
  3. Navigate to your ASIC's firmware upgrade page and upload the Bitmain© March firmware to your ASIC.
  4. After the downgrade is finished, proceed with the below.

For March 2019 Firmware

You need to restore SSH to your ASIC.

  1. Download asicseer_secure_ssh to a 64-bit linux box local to your ASIC network. Linux download curl example: curl -L -o asicseer_secure_ssh https://asicseer.com/page/security-restoring-ssh/?dl=asicseer_secure_ssh
  2. Optional: Run sha256sum asicseer_secure_ssh to verify it against the below sha256sum hash.
  3. Run chmod +x asicseer_secure_ssh to make the program executable.
  4. Run ./asicseer_secure_ssh ip.of.restricted.asic to restore SSH access to your ASIC.
  5. NOTE: Run ./asicseer_secure_ssh ip.of.restricted.asic YOURPASS if you changed your ASIC webUI password.
  6. Now that SSH is restored, proceed with the below.

For all ASICs with passworded logins, and all other Firmwares

You need to proceed with Securing your ASIC with Passwordless Login and Public Key.

NOTE: We advise against installing so-called  exploits and other unverified executables from questionable sources, and/or allowing others access to your network. When sharing this program, link only to this page: https://asicseer.com/page/security-restoring-ssh as it has the following security features:

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