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ASIC management and monitoring system that installs directly onto Bitmain© hardware.

ASICseer is scheduled for release during the month of April, 2019.

See https://asdemo.asicseer.com/ for an example Panel. Submit an ASICseer Invitation Request and join the #asicseer-help IRC channel.


About ASICseer Development

ASICseer brings the same kind of management and monitoring solutions to ASICs that our GPU customers have grown to love from ethOS.

Version Released On Contributors
0.9.9 Mar 29 2019 3
0.9.8 Jan 13 2019 4
0.9.7 Jan 4 2019 4
0.9.6 Dec 31 2018 4
0.9.5 Dec 19 2018 4
0.9.4 Nov 25 2018 4
0.9.2 Nov 20 2018 4

Limitation of Scope

The following features are possible on ASICs, but must be done without the support of ASICseer developers or staff. Performing the below actions should be done at your own risk.

Firmware Limitations and Restoring your ASIC

Bitmain's latest firmwares restrict your ability to SSH to your ASIC. For now, if you need to restore your ASIC to factory settings, instead of upgrading to Bitmain's firmware, use the "Restore via IP Report Button" functionality as described on Point 3 of Bitmain's factory restore guide.

Please also contact Bitmain and kindly let them know how important it is for you to have software that does not place limits or restrictions on your ability to interact with your purchased hardware.

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