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ASIC management, monitoring, and optimization system.

ASICseer is running on 36,885 ASICs (44.1 megawatts).

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ASICseer Changelog

ASICseer 1.1.0

Optimized autotuner to finish faster, to reach/maintain higher hashrates, and increased ASIC stability during autotuning. A retune is required.
Added a "maximum tune" config option (i.e. global autotune 60 sets an upper limit on 5-minute tuning cycles in order to limit tuning).
Added ability to change pool options (poolpass1 poolname1 username1 sendworker1, etc) on-the-fly without restarting miner.
Added better temperature protection by sampling hashboard temperature every 5 seconds instead of every 30 seconds.
Optimized temperature balancer across hashboards to make performance more stable after autotuning is complete.
Added better throttle support and increased stability when switching between maxwatts settings.
Optimized fansaver range to perform better during colder parts of the day.
Added better debug information into the ASICseer debug log.
Added installation details to /var/log/installations.log on the ASIC.
Optimized tuning algorithm to reach better efficiency when maxwatts is set below 800
Increased pool compatibility by replacing non-alphanumeric characters in worker name with x character.
Added best-effort attempts to restore potentially low-performing hashboards by supplying them with extra voltage.
Added ability to generate gethelp diagnostics report using the Remote Config File with asicid gethelp 1571709222
Standardized Remote Config File options: reset and reboot can now be used in place of the resetasic and rebootasic options.
Assisted field staff by setting the blinkgreen hashrate to light up the ASIC LED solid green if the miner is (re)starting due to an autotune.
Fixed bugs that prevented putconf from executing correctly due to system lock and/or cache issues.
Increased possible range for the optional hpc confing setting to an80-120 range.

Increased stability during ASICseer (re)installation, reduced possibilities of false-positive errors, made installation errors more clear.
Added better/standardized indicators, reporting, and best-effort advice/messages to Panel and graph pages where necessary.
Removed verification checks if the force download option is used, assists installation in locations with slow/bad Internet.
Added ability to revert to stock using the stock download option (for uninstalling ASICseer, uninstalling foreign firmwares, etc).
Added ability to preserve all config/pool/network settings when reverting to stock firmware using the saveconf download option.
Added ability to continue asicseer installation after flashing to stock firmware with the continue download option.
Added streamlined method of installing ASICboost during ASICseer installation when necessary.
Increased security by separating ASICseer installation methods into its own separate server.
Increased ASICseer installation speed by reducing overall verification checks.
Added КонфТворец, a Russian-hosted Configmaker service.
Reduced complexity of ASICseer installation methods.
Added more ASICseer CDN servers.
Set voltage graphs to display in millivolts instead of volts.
Added better indicators for underperforming and broken fans.
Added currently-used mining pool to the hover of the asicid column.
Added graph of watts/terahash to the Panel, useful for showing efficiency changes.
Fixed display and usability bugs associated with using the ASICseer thinfirm firmware installation method.
Refactored True Hash Pool Comparison by adding information regarding possible hashrate losses (hover over total hashrate).
Added ability for the automated worker name assignment to treat an ethernet cable unplug/replug as an IP report button press.
Added ability for Reverting Braiins OS to Factory Firmware without using Braiins Python Virtual Environment.
Added Google Sheets Examples for using CSV and JSON APIs as well as panelpass usage methods.
Added ASICseer customers page, which showcases countries and companies that use ASICseer.
Added a live scatter plot of Watts and Watts per Terahash of all ASICs running ASICseer.
Added an example Time of Day power usage manipulation script.

Revamped the Security and Restoring SSH page with more clear and correct instructions.
Added ability to unlock SSH on multiple ASICs by specifying a file called iplist.txt which contains a list of target ASICS to unlock.
Added ability to restore SSH for all Antminer S9 firmwares released by Bitmain© in March, April, May, and June.
Added ability to specify webuipass (if the webuipass had been previously changed).
Added ability reset root SSH and webui passwords back to their defaults.
Added ability to unlock SSH on some Antminer S17 firmwares.
Added ability to unlock SSH on non-standard IPs (ending in .0 and .255)
Fixed the "sig check" that occurs when user attempts to upload non-signed firmware to the ASIC after unlocking SSH.
Added instructions for using the Bitmain© Control Board Program Recovery with Bitmain© Stock Firmware (SD Card SSH unlock method).

ASICseer 1.0.9

Optimized autotuner to run faster, reach/maintain higher hashrates, and increased ASIC stability during autotuning. A retune is required.
Adjusted ASICseer watt estimation formula to more accurately predict at-the-wall power usage.
Adjusted autotuner to reach and maintain wattage to closer to the maxwatts setting.
Increased stability during pool downtime and during other unpredictable events.
Added better support for lower maxwatts settings.
Added blinkred idle which turns on the red LED if the ASIC is not mining.
Added blinkgreen hashrate which blinks the green LED faster as hashrate increases.
Fixed a bug that prevented ASICs from behaving as expected when altering maxwatts manually after using the throttle feature.
Optimized fansaver to find the best operating temperature using the fansaver yes option, balancing stability and power usage.
Required explicit definition of fansaver no for users wishing to have static fan speed (fansaver no reduces stability/efficiency).
Added ASICseer version to miner API and fixed bogus/incorrect hashrate readings that occured on faulty hardware.
Fixed more cases where ASICs would stop reporting to Panel due to possible timestamp synchonization problems.
Removed some memory leaks.
Added support for capital letters in worker names.
Reduced potential of instability during ASICseer restarts.
Added better support for third party tools such as BTC Tools and Awesome Miner.
Added better support for pubkey installation, and fixed other potential installation problems.
Increased load speed of gethelp output, reduced potential loading problems, and added better instructions for its use.
Fixed a problem that prevented the IP Report Button Worker Assignment Feature from working without first requiring a reboot.
Added more warnings about "secure" SSH-blocking firmware released by Bitmain© on their website.

Created a live scatter plot of th/s and watts of ASICs running ASICseer.
Increased Panel load speed, added better panelpass support and Panel UI features, fixed sorting problems, and added "dead chip" column.
Added better support for Google Spreadsheets when accessing panels secured by panelpass with Historical JSON API.
Added more documentation to the Knowledge Base, including Using the multi-ASIC installer on Windows 10.
Added better warnings to Panel relating to pool failovers, and/or possible restrictions to facility airflow.
Removed unexpected bugs that occured when asicseer_secure_ssh runs on slow connections.
Required all historical APIs to return only the data for the month specified by the user's call.
Added cdn-dc Washington, D.C. CDN server.

ASICseer 1.0.8

Created methods to automatically restart mining and/or throttle the maxwatts settings, useful for Reducing Facility Overheats.
Added ability to restore SSH for May S9 Firmware.
Optimized autotuner to reach/maintain higher hashrates.
Added automated ASIC ordering method using the IP report button.
Added a sync config and panel button to the ASIC's Miner Configuration Page.
Added ability to pass webUI password to the Security and Restoring SSH program.
Allowed group= Remote Config File matching to interpret ASIC hostnames as preset location data.
Fixed bug that resulted in miner reporting bogus high hashrates at certain times.
Prevented retuning when switching between different maxwatts settings.
Fixed ASIC TERM shell profile for users running outdated Windows versions.
Created better interoperability between ASICseer and other monitoring solutions.
Fixed bug that prevented some ASICs from automatically updating to the latest ASICseer version.
Fixed bug which prevented hardware with physical damage from maintaining a steady pool connection.
Added mvt option for customizing voltage tuning.

Allowed ability to skip ASICs running the latest ASICseer version using the a,force flag during installation and updating.
Added more and better indicators/explanations for tuning, network type, last share time, autoupdate, currently mining username, watt settings.
Added better support for error messages printed/logged during ASICseer installation.
Added more and better documentation to the Knowledge Base.
Added cdn-hk and cdn-sgcn CDN servers for mainland China.
Increased capacity of backend delivery network.
Added better indicators for hashboard health.
Fixed panel UI bugs and other errors.

ASICseer 1.0.7

NOTE! Retune your ASICs for: better watts per terahash efficiency.

Optimized autotuner, voltage/chip tuning, and default config to reach/maintain higher hashrates and better efficiency.
Added ability to put ASICs into a low power mode by turning them off at the subnet/router/switch level.
Added lower watt settings for maxwatts: global maxwatts 600 through 800 are now possible.
Added Passwordless Login and Public Key installation/authentication method.
Added Remote Config and Panel Sync method.
Released the asicseer_secure_ssh SSH restoration tool.
Added better support for the liquid config option.
Added better config interpretation for the group= config option.
Reduced possibilities of false positive overheats during tuning and/or network outages.
Optimized chip performance during very cold parts of the day.
Reduced more possibilities of crashing during tuning.

Added better support for the location config option as well as for hostnames in the Panel UI and JSON API.
Added better support for displaying hashboard health indicators and tuning progress.
Added better support for Windows.
Added better update notification message.
Added more documentation to the Knowledge Base.
Moved from IRC to Telegram for all Customer Support.
Added Vancouver, Chicago, India, and Brazil CDN servers.
Fixed more cases where ASICs would stop reporting to Panel.

ASICseer 1.0.6

NOTE: Retune your ASICs for more stable, higher hashrates.

Optimized autotuner and voltage/chip tuning to reach/maintain higher hashrates and to reduce mining share reject rate.
Fixed cases where mining would stop due to false positive network errors and false positive overheats.
Fixed cases where bad fan sensors and/or bad temperature sensors prevented mining.
Added better support for executing ASICseer commands if using distributed ssh.
Fixed more cases where some ASICs would stop reporting.
Prevented hardware errors from causing tuning bugs.
Added better config interpretation.
Allowed sendworker* to accept more parameters for worker settings.
Added a Responsive Config feature to increase ASIC responsiveness to config changes.
Reduced power consumption if allowed no is used by setting fan speed to 0%.
Stabilized temperatures if fansaver is used during very cold parts of the day.
Added fanspeed liquid config option that reduces fan speed to 0% for users who use immersion cooling.
Fixed a case where global blink* config options did not assign blinkers to ASICs correctly.
Added more information, better support, diagnostics, and privacy to gethelp functionality.

Added more and better indicators for tuning and for transient/permanent ailments/events/conditions that may affect hashrate.
Added "reduce overheats" to panel UI that creates a config template for reducing maxwatts on overheated ASICs.
Added password protection to all APIs and graphs if panelpass is used.
Fixed average farm temperature to only sample live ASICs.
Increased panel UI render speed, optimized panel UI and other user-facing server pages.
Added Denver and Dallas CDN servers.
Added better colors for historical charts.
Added Bitcoin.com pool recommendation.
Added better ASICseer uninstallation methods.
Added more documentation to the Knowledge Base.

ASICseer 1.0.5

NOTE: Retune your ASICs for more stable, higher hashrates.

Fixed some autotune bugs to produce more stable, higher hashrates.
Added experimental hpc config option that takes values 95 through 105
Added blinkred and blinkgreen to control individual red and green ASIC lights.
Reduced more cases of unnecessary miner restarts.
Prevented possibility of more memory leaks.
Added better support for autotune, maxtemp, fansaver, and autoupdate config options.
Fixed occassional blink that occurred in solid parameter for blink* config options.
Added more CDN servers based on customer locations and allowed CDN selection via downloads page.

Added separate sortable column for config stats ("a" column). Different remote configs will have different color hashes.
Added message every time there is a new ASICseer version.
Fixed sorting for the version ("v" column).
Optimized hashboard health indicators.

ASICseer 1.0.4

NOTE: Retune your ASICs for more stable, higher hashrates.

Refactored autotune (voltage/chip tuning) to produce more stable, higher hashrates.
Fixed more cases where some ASICs would stop mining and/or reporting.
Added better support for asicblink, fansaver, and autotune
Added better support for parameters used in Remote Config files.
Stabilized temperatures if fansaver is used during tuning.
Added better support for in-shell commands.
Reduced potential of crashing during tuning.
Reduced cases of unnecessary miner restarts.
Added better config interpretation.

Allowed /net*/ installers to run in parallel, added error handling and support and for low-speed connections.
Added more and better indicators of potential issues during initial ASIC boot process.
Added [|] indicators for low-performance, down and/or corrupted ASIC hashboards.
Added [ ] indicators for visible fans.
Added more documentation to the Knowledge Base.

ASICseer 1.0.3

Stabilized temperatures during tuning to increase stability.
Fixed cases of incorrect temperature collection.
Added hashboard temperatures to ASIC's Miner Status page.
Added better support for parameters used in Remote Config files.
Added debug support for tuning-related problems.

Added ability to select ASICs by ASICseer version.
Added better support for assigning worker names automatically.
Added percent of pool-rejected shares.
Added current ASIC maxwatts to watts display.
Added better indicators for ailments/events/conditions.

ASICseer 1.0.2

Optimized autotuner to reach and maintain higher hashrates.
Fixed interoperability bug that prevented mining on some ASICs.
Increased miner startup speed during tuning.
Added better support for in-shell commands.
Added panelclear config option to auto-remove unreachable ASICs marked with ❌ from the panel (see KB).
Added fansaver config option to automatically reduce fan speeds to save power (see KB).
Fixed some more cosmetic debug errors.

Fixed bugs related to chip hashrate display.
Fixed more cases where some ASICs would stop reporting.
Fixed installer bugs, sped up installer and downloads page, made them more user-friendly.
Added more relevant ASIC information, including fan speed percentage and efficiency (watts per terahash).
Fixed possible incorrect timestamps in "time" columns.
Added "True Hash Pool Comparison" tool in global hashrate hover.
Added better indicators for ailments/events/conditions.
Added more API endpoints for historical data.
Added more documentation to the Knowledge Base.

ASICseer 1.0.1

Fixed cases where some ASICs would stop reporting to panel.
Added more and better diagnostics reports to "gethelp" functionality.
Added better support for nicehash.
Removed some memory leaks.
Added better support for parameters used in Remote Config files.
Fixed some cosmetic debug errors.
Added debug support for Internet-related problems.
Added better support for in-shell commands.
Added better installer success indicators.
Fixed cosmetic bugs in installer scripts.
Added "gethelp" and other useful links to ASIC's Miner Configuration page.
Added better support for events in which Internet is lost.
Added better support for temperature collection.

Streamlined #asicseer-help support channel.
Added "thinfirm" Simple and Easy Installation Method.
Added better mobile support for panel UI.
Optimized CDN and fixed CDN-related bugs.
Created a better "new user" experience for the downloads page.
Added better tuning indicators and better support for ASIC panel reporting.

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