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ASIC management, monitoring, and optimization system.

ASICseer is running on 64,320 ASICs (59.6 megawatts).

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Notice to BCH Customers

On February 18th 2020, the lead developer of the Bitcoin BCH "ABC" node software merged “tax code” which would divert funds from miners to wallet addresses he controlled. This change was done without the approval or support of the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

Therefore, the Bitcoin Cash community has elected to release ‘Bitcoin Cash Node’ without the tax code and urges the entire BCH community to adopt it in place of Bitcoin ABC immediately.

If you mine BCH, switch to the Bitcoin.com BCH Pool. Bitcoin.com has elected to run Bitcoin Cash Node in place of Bitcoin ABC.

I, Alexander Levin Jr, CEO of ASICseer.com, endorse and support Bitcoin Cash Node as the reference client for the Bitcoin Cash Network.

bitcoin.com pool logo

ASICseer is pre-configured to mine at the Bitcoin.com Pool.

As always, our customers can choose where they mine. However, ASICseer recommends the Bitcoin.com pool for the following reasons:

To switch to the Bitcoin.com Pool, replace your pool stanza with the below, and edit your username accordingly:

global poolname1 bch.pool.bitcoin.com:3333
global username1 asicseer
global poolpass1 x
global sendworker1 location
global poolname2 profit.pool.bitcoin.com:3333
global username2 asicseer
global poolpass2 x
global sendworker2 location
global poolname3 connect.pool.bitcoin.com:3333
global username3 asicseer
global poolpass3 x
global sendworker3 location

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