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ASIC management, monitoring, and optimization system.

ASICseer is running on 12,894 ASICs and producing 15.2 megawatts of blockchain security.

bitcoin.com pool logo

ASICseer is pre-configured to mine at the Bitcoin.com Pool.

As always, our customers can choose where they mine. However, ASICseer recommends the Bitcoin.com pool for the following reasons:

To switch to the Bitcoin.com Pool, replace your pool stanza with the below, and edit your username accordingly:

global poolname1 bch.pool.bitcoin.com:3333
global username1 asicseer
global poolpass1 x
global sendworker1 yes
global poolname2 profit.pool.bitcoin.com:3333
global username2 asicseer
global poolpass2 x
global sendworker2 yes
global poolname3 connect.pool.bitcoin.com:3333
global username3 asicseer
global poolpass3 x
global sendworker3 yes

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