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ASIC management, monitoring, and optimization system.
ASICseer is running on 42,521 ASICs (including 8 X17 generation) | 41.1mw

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ASICseer Team

Name Title
Alexander Levin, Jr Chief Executive Officer
Yann St. Arnaud Chief Platform R&D Engineer
Eric P. Yingling Director of Enterprise Solutions
Anthony M. Faoro, II Director of System Operations

Statement against Conflicts of Interest

The ASICseer team will never develop software for entities at the expense of the ASICseer userbase. Potential customers may request the ASICseer team to develop software with the understanding that any/all such software will become available to all ASICseer customers.

In accordance with the below excerpt from our Articles of Organization, our company seeks to avoid conflicts of interest in all cases.

15. Conflict of Interest. No member shall be involved with any business or undertaking which competes with the interests of the LLC except upon agreement in writing. Additionally, no member shall bind the LLC in any matter of business with any business or undertaking for which the member has not maintained arms­length associations, except upon agreement in writing.

Customer Success and Alignment

As part of our customer success and alignment strategy, ASICshack LLC sometimes makes best-course recommendations for our customers. For example, on March 30th 2020, we published information regarding the "slushpool" hashrate scoring mechanism and made certain recommendations to our customers to increase their mining efficiency. Our company follows the principle that aligning ourselves with the success of our customers results in long-term customer retention and the success of all involved parties.

As a legally registered and socially responsible company, ASICshack LLC must sometimes distance itself from entities that have damaged the mining ecosystem with their particular involvement. Entities that engage in any of the following illegal behavior are prohibited from downloading and/or using any products or services produced or distributed by ASICshack, LLC.

Additionally, we may decide to distance ourselves from entities that engage in socially irresponsible behavior, based on a point system.

Entities engaging in illegal behavior or multiple socially irresponsible behaviors, that presently use products and services produced or distributed by our company, may be sent a formal email with recommendations to correct it. We will expend reasonable efforts to assist existing customers with corrective behavior. In cases where such recommendations are not undertaken, we may advise said customers to uninstall ASICseer. If said customers do not uninstall ASICseer, we may cease the collection of ASICseer fees. In such cases, due to an automated protection mechanism, ASICs that run ASICseer without paying ASICseer fees will automatically stop mining.

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