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ASIC management, monitoring, and optimization system.

ASICseer is running on 70,822 ASICs (76.2 megawatts).

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ASICseer Team

Name Title
Alexander Levin, Jr Chief Executive Officer
Yann St. Arnaud Chief Platform R&D Engineer
Eric P. Yingling Director of Enterprise Solutions
Anthony M. Faoro, II Director of System Operations

Regarding Firmware for Next-Generation Hardware

Recently, requests for next-generation firmware have increased. Many people have approached us claiming that they are in the stages of purchasing next-generation hardware, and have asked whether or not ASICseer will support it.

The answer to this question: "ASICseer will support whichever mining hardware is live, running, and unrestricted."

However, a few things must happen before our company expends development resources on next-generation hardware:

We offer the following advice to the mining community:

Statement against Conflicts of Interest

The ASICseer team will never develop software for entities at the expense of the ASICseer userbase. Potential customers may request the ASICseer team to develop software with the understanding that any/all such software will become available to all ASICseer customers.

In accordance with the below excerpt from our Articles of Organization, our company seeks to avoid conflicts of interest in all cases.

15. Conflict of Interest. No member shall be involved with any business or undertaking which competes with the interests of the LLC except upon agreement in writing. Additionally, no member shall bind the LLC in any matter of business with any business or undertaking for which the member has not maintained arms­length associations, except upon agreement in writing.

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